RAHAT – Rural Accessible HealthCare Applying Tele-Medicine

RAHAT – Rural Accessible HealthCare Applying Tele-Medicine By Bin Qutab Foundation

Health is one of major indicator for the development of any country but unfortunately the condition of healthcare is still not satisfactory in Pakistan.

About Rahat : 

  • Aimed to provide affordable, timely accessible and quality healthcare facilities
  • Vision is to facilitate entire Population of Pakistan, especially rural underprivileged communities
  • The project will utilize technology to develop a progressive and innovative healthcare system.

About Bin Qutab Foundation :

  • BQF is NGO which was established in June 2007 by the Pakistani philanthropists (Bin Qutab Group).
  • Mission was to address social developmental issues in rural and urban communities of Pakistan for their socio-economic uplift.
  • The objective is to restore hopes of unprivileged communities of Pakistan by providing them with quality services in Health, water and sanitation, education, skills development, jobs or business support programs especially for women, youth and environment protection initiatives and to improve their living standards.
  • The priority was given to provide quality healthcare.
  • The initiative was taken in the form of Begum Noor Memorial Hospital and Research Centre, which is a 50 bedded hospital situated in Bhubhar, Chakwal.

Mission :

  • To make healthcare accessible for all.

Vision :

  • To create an innovative national healthcare delivery model.

Objectives :

  • To treat patients at the spokes located at rural locations, which should be accessible, affordable, conveniently located and quality health setups.
  • To prevent disease among rural communities through immunization, health education and awareness, and early disease screening.


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